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EIT is a faithful organization, concentrates on Training and RPO, a prototype in the nation, consists of capable professionals in Training and RPO cog, support Healthcare, Allied Healthcare, Healthcare ITES, and oriented. EIT is committed to value routine, and it pledges you of a high intensity of honesty, accountability, integrity, reliability, and rapidity, in every other conscientiousness it undertakes. EIT strives extensively and exclusively to match the require profile form amongst the superlative prevailing professionals available in the assiduousness. EIT is devoted to fulfil its customer’s prerequisite in a time frame and manner, far superior than the prevailing standards in the industry at this moment in time with a specialized spotlight on conscriptional course of action. 

Our Journey 

EIT was incepted in the year 1999 in Kovilpatti in a small setting as an on-the-patio Language Training Institute and commenced its training services in Healthcare KPO/BPO with talent acquisition and started to be outsourced as a corporate training provider subsequently.   

Action speaks louder than words

In the year 2001, EIT extended its offshoots across the state, distinctively to Chennai, where contented and effective methodology with a great outcome of our pedagogy formed a solid foundation and heartened us with the clique to provide them with, as good as the better than the best.  During the fourth quarter of 2010, Madurai and Trichy gave us opportunities, which are now a valuable addition to the progress of EIT where we are privileged to serve in rural areas nearby, as a successful placement consultant.  EIT effectively efforts in ten indices such as Career Counselling, Mind and Memory Management, Healthcare ITES, Allied Health Sciences, Overseas Education, Skill Development, Foreign Languages, Entrepreneurship, Employability, and Administrative (leadership) dexterity, for which EIT is also being outsourced. 

The 24 Hours TAT:  A merger of steadfast executives endow with instantaneous response to a query within twenty-four hours, on the button from the director’s desk to the skilled staff. By a long way, EIT is contentedly toes the line and continues gratifying its customers, clients, and associates in every single aspect they approach for, and remain ardently to serve, in the years to come. 

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The Path…  

We congregate all and sundry novice, considerably the “first graduates” in lionshare, aiding to standout distinguished, by ascending their occupational skills via faithful exercise particularly in healthcare, allied healthcare, IT, ITES, and healthcare ITES to fulfil the needs of the attendee to facilitate run rings around the giants of the industry and to serve as an RPO to gratify and comply with the employers to fill the stipulated openings, to boot.  Trying to reach out each aspirant globally and serve multitude to satisfy them with the position they are dreaming about, in “You dream, EIT would make it happen” way, and endow them with self-development series which aid to stay confident and follow the grasp-the-nettle approach, the fundamental need of every one to not only be triumphant in fortune making, but also feeling contented about their own life they desire for. 


The Destiny… 

We deem in a practice where “dividing multiplies” whilst edifying to create a redundancy-free society by bestowing every single neophyte to acquire all they need, professionally, and abetting them to get placed at the right place, achieve higher than they can, and receive larger than they plan, a hundred percent “monetarily independent”.